Creating a more coherent, productive world by unleashing the value-creating power of identity.

What we do

    Founded by Larry Ackerman, The Identity Circle is a research, education and consulting company. Our services include:

  • Identity education featuring Identity Mapping® workshops for employees and individuals.
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  • Identity consulting and research to strengthen brands, culture and operations.
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  • Identity Discovery Deck – a personalized learning tool enabling people to clarify their identity in a fun, creative and challenging way. 
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The Identity Discovery Deck™

Youth editiona fun and challenging way for teens and college students to connect what they do with who they are. Learn More

Adult edition – a personalized learning tool for aligning how you live with who you are.Learn More



  • Identity-based Branding— Business Marketing Association Keynote by Larry Ackerman
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  • Leading Through Identity — AARP Keynote Address by Larry Ackerman
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  • Discovering Your Identity Code — television interview with Larry Ackerman
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For coaches (and curious clients)

How can you succeed if you don’t know who you are? Listen to Larry describe how the identity discipline can help improve outcomes for coaches and their clients.

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Find identity discovery tools, books, research reports, and articles to help you help your clients address the identity challenges affecting their careers, relationships, leadership skills and lives overall.

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